Work•Family•Life Project


From the Director:

Greetings! On behalf of the entire Work•FamilyLife (WFL) project team, I thank you for visiting our site. Initiated in 2011, The WFL project is a long-term research initiative and applied efforts to address the work and family challenges faced by individuals and families in the Inland region of Southern California. There is no question that handling work and family responsibilities creates challenges for most of us. These challenges only increase in uncertain economic times, and are greatest for individuals working in low-wage jobs, and for individuals and families living at or near poverty. Unfortunately, limited solutions exist to assist individuals and their families deal with work and family responsibilities.

Our primary goal is to identify and develop solutions for managing work and family responsibilities, such that more individuals can maintain regular and sufficient employment, while remaining engaged and involved with their family, resulting in reduced work and family conflict, healthier and more productive workers, and improved family functioning. These are not simple issues, but we believe they are important, and the WFL team is regularly out in the community learning from individuals, employers, and community service organizations, and searching for new solutions. 

Thank you again for taking time to visit the WorkFamilyLife project. Please take some time to learn about our efforts, and I invite you to explore opportunities for partnership.


Mark D. Agars, Ph.D.

Director, WorkFamilyLife Project